Your One Stop Comfort Spot!

At Lanesend Farm we have worked on perfecting animal husbandry for the past 39 years and now have a practical and effective system for maintaining optimum health while producing as natural a product as possible.

Lambs,Chickens,Ducks & Pigs are all raised on pasture and are not fed antibiotics or growth hormones.For those of you becoming new customers to our farm produce,please be aware that advance orders are preferred due to limited supply and custom cuts can be prepared to your individual preference.

At the Farmers Market we specialize in comfort foods.

Come buy and enjoy: cookies,tarts,muffins,squares,fudge and brittles.We also have a line of Healthy Choice: cookies,muffins,bread & energy snacks.

To continue your comfort we make and sell fiber related articles:sheepskins,blankets,gloves,mitts,yarn,roving,and other fiber related articles.

Hemp hand & body products are a further comfort item produced on the farm.For extremely dry and irritated skin try our Replenishing Hemp Butter! It has a glove like effect that protects hands during outside activities like gardening or farming.It is a great relief for the itch and dryness caused by excema or mosquito bites.

For your dog we make natural dog cookies & carry all natural healthy supplements made locally by family.


3143 Hwy 7, RR 1, Reaboro, Ont. K0L 2X0  705-324-9413