We specialize in a wide variety of log furniture and decor, as well as, traditional general woodworking products.  

Our log furniture is always unique and you will never find another piece that is the same.  Each bench, bed, dresser, bar, stools, table and chairs is all hand crafted from interesting looking cedar logs that offer the most unique characteristics.

Our traditional general woodworking is always beautifully hand crafted.  All products are finished (sanded, stained or painted, and sealed) to offer only the best high-quality products to our customer at an affordable price.

Whether you desire a rustic piece of log furniture or a simple woodworking product, we can custom make anything.

"If you can dream it, I can build it."

I also specialize in home renovations of any kind.  

Thank you, Steve Cameron

305 Hilton's Point Road, Norland ON
K0M 2L0 705-438-8540 steve@southmountainrepro.com